Public and Government Relations

Consider using your passion, skills and abilities in public or government relations in the work of Bible translation. Use the following form to tell us about yourself, and we will contact you to give you more information about the jobs and answer your questions: Share Your Skills.

Public/ Government Relations Positions Available:

      • Public Relations Director
      • Public/Government Relations Officer
      • International Public Relations Director

(Note: This is not an exhaustive list; these and related roles may have open positions available!)

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Responsible to ensure appropriate interaction and effective cooperation between Wycliffe Bible Translators or an affiliate and government organizations, relevant United Nations agencies, international organizations, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and secular funding agencies; Develops, coordinates, and directs public relations activities for organization by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate supervisors; Responsible for planning and conducting a public relations program designed to develop and maintain good relationships between Wycliffe Bible Translators, affiliates and other organizations, (specific objectives vary by job).


Job responsibilities vary for each position available.
The list below gives only a general look at a variety of responsibilities in this area.