Language, Linguistics and Translation

Consider using your passion, skills and abilities in language, linguistics and translation in the work of Bible translation. Use the following form to tell us about yourself, and we will contact you to give you more information about the jobs and answer your questions: Share Your Skills.

Language, Linguistics and Translation Positions Available:

• Language Program Manager   • Language Assessment Team
• Language Program
  Management Consultant
• Linguistic Coordinator
• Manager of Programs
  and Partnerships
• Area Translation Coordinator

(Note: This is not an exhaustive list; these and related roles may have open positions available!)

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Provide leadership in the domain of Language Programs Management, and use acquired expertise to assist in training, educating, mentoring, coaching, career guidance and best practices articulation; Work with line administration and Language Program Services (at the International and area levels) to define expectations, standards and best practices in the area of management of language programs; Monitoring translation activities in an Area, aiming to facilitate the completion of translation goals and to ensure the highest possible quality of translation in each translation project; Represent the organization in strategic planning and maintenance of country level relationships with relevant stakeholders/partners; Coordinate linguistics programs and projects assigned to an administrative area; Plan and coordinate field research to gather and analyze data for language program decisions, (specific objectives vary by job).


Job responsibilities vary for each position available.
The list below gives only a general look at a variety of responsibilities in this area.