MK School Administrators and Teachers

The video below shows just one of many schools where we need administrators and teachers.

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Description: Serving as a school administrator or teacher is a noble calling no matter where you do it! However, if you serve as a school administrator or teacher in one of the schools for missionary children (MK – Missionary Kid), you will also be supporting the cause of Bible translation. Thousands of language groups around the world have never had any Scripture in their own mother-tongues. The children of families serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators attend these schools and your involvement will support the Bible translation effort.

Urgent need for Educators in Papua New Guinea

By administrating these schools and teaching MKs, you will be helping these MKs get a great education while their families are serving with us overseas. This allows those families to stay on the field and continue in the work they came to do. By raising your own support with the help of Wycliffe, you help to keep the tuition low so translation families are able to raise their support and do the work God has called them to do.

We need school administrators in a variety of locations around the world. This includes MK school principals (i.e. headmaster or director), vice-principals, curriculum coordinators, educational resource coordinators and many other administrative support positions. When added to the more than 170 teaching positions open worldwide in our MK schools, the opportunities are almost endless.

School administrators and teachers are warmly welcomed in every location overseas because they are in great demand. They serve in small schools, large schools, rural schools and city schools and school populations vary greatly. Some schools have students who are mainly the children of our missionaries while other schools also have some students whose parents work in a variety of jobs in the country, including other mission agencies. Their children attend the schools because of the quality education and Christian environment.

If you want to work in a supportive community, in schools known for their great administrators, teachers, parent support and eager students wanting to learn, then consider serving with us! If you have strong administrative, supervisory and leadership or have teaching skills, appreciate multicultural faculty, students and parents, are willing to help families who come from and return to a variety of educational backgrounds, have strong verbal and written communication ability and love to help meet the educational needs of our families' students, then contact us today for more information about how you can serve with us.