Critical Needs:

MK School Administrators and Teachers

Location: Various Missionary Children's Education Schools Around the World

Description: Do you have skills as a school administrator or a teacher and have a heart for children, missions and Bible translation work? If so, we are looking for qualified administrators and teachers for schools set up for our missionary children (Missionary Kid – MK) whose parents are serving in various aspects of Bible translation work.
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Retirement & Ministry Support Coordinator

Location: Orlando, Florida

Description: Do you have a background in finance and interested in serving at our USA headquarters in support of Bible translation? There is an urgent need for a finance person to help communicate effectively and accurately with all Wycliffe staff things related to their retirement funds. This also involves communicating with brokers, retirement advisors and plan providers, investment companies, and other financial institutions on retirement savings issues. We also need help with the review of recommendations from Wycliffe's consulting financial planners, investment companies, or other financial institutions on retirement savings issues.       Learn more


Location: Papua New Guinea

Description: Are you a qualified accountant interested in serving overseas in support of Bible translation? There is an urgent need for several accountants in Papua New Guinea (1-2 years starting as soon as possible). In addition to this urgent need, there are over 50 other finance related positions (bookkeepers, accountants, business specialist, finance managers, CFO, etc.) open in other locations around the world.       Learn more

Top 50 Jobs Needs For
Managers, Professionals, Trades

Location: Worldwide

Description: Do you have skills, practical abilities and/or education in Management, as a Professional, or in the Trades industry? Discover the Top 50 Needs for workers in these areas that support the work of Bible translation worldwide.
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Regional Center Manager

Location: Various Centers of Operations—Papua New Guinea

Description: Do you have management skills and practical abilities like construction, maintenance, repair and operational services? We are looking for someone to oversee and coordinate activities at one of our regional centers of operations. These centers support numerous Bible translation projects in the area.       Learn more