Solomon Islands Operations Manager

Description: The Solomon Islands, an archipelago about 1000 miles east of the northern tip of Australia is home to about 600,000 people from about 65 different language groups. The New Testament has been published in 18 languages and 5 language groups have full Bibles. However, a great number of languages in the Solomon Islands remain unreached with the Scriptures in their language. Your involvement can help change this!

The Operations Manager work does require you to come with your own financial support in hand as a volunteer, or you need to be willing to raise sufficient funds through Wycliffe to cover all living costs. However, Wycliffe provides training and coaching to help people raise sufficient funds, so you don't have to do this on your own. (Note: If finances need to be raised, this process can take a number of months - usually 6 to 9 months - to secure from interested family, friends and churches. Sometimes, it can be done in less time and sometimes it takes more than 9 months.)

Perhaps you wonder if you would be able to raise needed financial support. Well, almost every person who applies and is accepted to Wycliffe for such positions are able to raise the needed financial support. It does take some effort, but it is very doable!!! Please watch this video for some practical thoughts on this. The video was created for teachers, but it applies to all workers.

What does the Operations Manager do?
The Operation Manager works closely with the Director and other staff to help provide administrative leadership for the smooth operation of the office, group houses and vehicles and communicate with the members of the group. Good relationships with members, administration, officials and visitors are a high value as we strive for working together in harmony.

The job includes a variety of duties and no two days are the same. An important part of the job is helping to provide support for Bible Translation teams whose ministry is based in a village setting. This includes helping with ticket purchases, sending supplies to personnel in the provinces by ship or air and regular communication with these teams via email and two-way radio.

Solomon employee
We are blessed with Solomon Islands employees who work alongside us. The Operations Manager works closely with the employees and needs to feel comfortable working in this cross-cultural situation. The employees are most comfortable speaking Solomon Islands Pijin, so being willing to learn this language when you arrive is a must (which we assist you with).

At times the job may require supervision of building maintenance and building projects, which may involve outside workers as well.

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