Retirement & Ministry Support Coordinator

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Location: Wycliffe Bible Translators USA Headquarters – Orlando, Florida

Description: Wycliffe Bible Translators is committed to ensuring God’s Word is accessible to all people in a language that speaks to their heart. Of the over 7,000 languages in the world, less than 700 languages have a complete Bible and almost 1,700 languages have no Bible translation work started. Your involvement can help change this!

To sustain the current Bible translation work in over 2,000 language communities and to meet the needs of the future, Wycliffe’s Finance department not only needs highly qualified and trained staff to handle complex finances from vendors, partner agencies and suppliers from around the world, but they also must care for the finance needs of Wycliffe staff currently working and for those moving into retirement.

The Retirement & Ministry Support Coordinator helps provides oversight of a significant portion of the financial care for our staff. However, it does require you to come with your own financial support in hand as a volunteer, or you need to be willing to raise sufficient funds through Wycliffe to cover all living costs. Wycliffe provides training and coaching to help people raise sufficient funds, so you don't have to do this on your own. (Note: If finances need to be raised, this process can take a number of months - usually 6 to 9 months - to secure from interested family, friends and churches. Sometimes, it can be done in less time and sometimes it takes more than 9 months.)

Perhaps you wonder if you would be able to raise needed financial support. Well, almost every person who applies and is accepted to Wycliffe for such positions are able to raise the needed financial support. It does take some effort, but it is very doable!!! Please watch this video for some practical thoughts on this. The video was created for teachers, but it applies to all workers.

What does the Retirement & Ministry Support Coordinator do?
The Retirement & Ministry Support Coordinator works closely with the Manager of Retirement & Ministry Support by helping communicate effectively and accurately with all staff, brokers, advisor, plan provider, investment companies, and other financial institutions on retirement savings issues, assists with the review of recommendations from Wycliffe's consulting financial planners, investment companies, or other financial institutions on retirement savings issues, helps ensure that plan participants receive prompt and accurate information regarding their retirement plans and then helps process in a timely manner the transmissions of retirement savings contributions to the custodian company.

This job also requires the review of financial reports by analyzing and researching transactions for accuracy for plan participants' monthly investments according to IRS regulations and Wycliffe's policies, assists in ensuring that Supplemental Retirement Fund packages are prepared and mailed to all retired members in a timely manner, reviews and does necessary revisions of the Wycliffe Ministry Budget and Monthly Financial Reports, checks for consistency and conformity with Wycliffe’s policies and ensures that all reports are timely and accurately processed.

This person should come with Proficient knowledge of accounting procedures and processes, excellent oral and written communications skills in English, ability to organize and work under minimal supervision, handle, control and secure all personal and employment information with strict confidentiality, analyze and resolve complex problems and situations in a timely, accurate and tactful manner, have excellent computer skills ( Microsoft Windows environment, Google Mail, Microsoft Office suite including Word and Excel with skills in spreadsheet creation and utilization. The education and experience are as follows: Bachelor’s degree in a related field and 1-3 years of related experience in finance or in retirement plans and IRS regulations, especially for 403(b) plans, 401K plans, IRA plans, and ROTH IRA plans preferred.

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