Regional Centers:
7–Pacific Orientation Course
8–Port Moresby

PNG Regional Center Manager

PNG Regional Centers

Job Code: #12577

Location: Various Centers of Operations—Papua New Guinea

Description: Each Regional Center has a regional center office, a home for the center manager and family, workshop meeting room and several fully furnished duplexes for guests and workshop participants.

Plan such matters as housing, office and maintenance priorities, operational procedures, security, expenditures, etc. Oversees information regarding operation of facilities, vehicles and equipment, and maintains such records as usage, inventories, expenses and rate allocations. On a large Center, coordinates the activities of personnel assisting in center services and makes staffing recommendations to administration. Depending on staff availability, supervises or performs a wide range of tasks, including purchasing of materials and supplies, maintaining vehicles and equipment, and involvement in construction projects. Handles correspondence related to center services and operations, assisting in planning and execution of logistical arrangements for workshops, seminars and conferences. Develops and maintains good relationships with members, administration, officials and visitors. Provides information regarding special events, activities, opportunities, or work in progress. Works comfortably in a cross-cultural situation, encouraging interaction between the center and the local community. If qualified, may supervise or participate in related national training programs. May help coordinate larger construction projects involving outside workers.

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